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The transportable kidney perfusion system which inherits four decades of experience


The WAVES is a transportable, self-contained renal preservation system, designed to support static monitoring and transportation of kidneys. The WAVES system provides controlled pulsatile kidney perfusion using oxygenated hypothermic physiologic solutions, and monitors, displays, trends, and saves important perfusion parameters, including: perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance.

WAVES system consists in:

WAVES control unit
Single Use, Sterile WCM Cassette (for organ)
Single Use, Sterile Drape
Single Use, Sterile Cannula: Straight Cannula, Clamp, Trident Artery Cannula for organ with multiple vessels
Specimen containers
Transport Bag 

WAVES may be used in association with perfusate solution approved for hypothermic machine perfusion of kidneys.

WAVES system is provided with a 24/7 Hotline Technical Support and a product Warranty.


The benefits

Physiologic system

WAVES employs a piston pump head for flow generation which mimics the heart and produces truly physiological pulsatile arterial pressure waveforms with clear dicrotic notch. A systolic pressure is produced during pump head compression expelling the perfusate, then a diastolic pressure occurs during the pump head filling phase.

WAVES cassette (WCM) is equipped with an oxygenation membrane to actively oxygenate the perfusate.

The physiologic technology of Waters Medical Systems with pulsatile pressure and active oxygenation reduces the risk of delayed graft function with marginal donor kidneys1,2 compared to static cold storage.

1 Light JA Clinical Transplantation June 1996; 10(3):233-6

2 Stratta RJ J American College of Surgeons May 2007; 204(5):873-82; discussion 882-4

Convenient interface

WAVES is equipped with a large touchscreen interface to walk the user, minimizing significantly setup and training time. The interface allows the user to set the perfusion and to monitor continuously systolic, mean, and diastolic pressure, flow, temperature, and renal resistance.

WAVES can be connected to local network for onsite or remote perfusion monitoring and data transfer.

Safe transport

Kidney is completely immersed in the perfusion solution, and housed in a secure transport enclosure. Safe hypothermic preservation is guaranteed for 12 hours if the machine shuts down.



The WAVES is intended to be used for the pulsatile hypothermic machine perfusion of kidneys for preservation, transportation, and eventual transplantation into a recipient.

Box Qty

Ref. 3900042.000 WAVES Control Unit: Shelf carton by 1

Ref. 3930005.014 Single Use, Sterile WCM cassette, along with Single Use, Sterile Drape: Shelf carton by 6

Ref. 3910141.003 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 3 mm
Ref. 3910141.004 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 4 mm
Ref. 3910141.005 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 5 mm
Ref. 3910141.006 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 6 mm
Ref. 3910141.007 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 7 mm
Ref. 3910141.008 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 8 mm
Ref. 3910141.009 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 9 mm
Ref. 3910141.010 Single Use, Sterile Straight Cannula 10 mm

Sterile Straight Cannula : Shelf carton by 1

Ref. PC715 Single Use, Sterile Clamp 7 X 15 mm: Shelf carton by 6
Ref. PC1020 Single Use, Sterile Clamp 10 X 20 mm: Shelf carton by 6
Ref. PC1025 Single Use, Sterile Clamp 10 X 25 mm: Shelf carton by 6

Ref. 3920140.023 Single Use, Sterile Straight Trident Artery Cannula: Shelf carton by 1

Ref. 3930140.007 Transport Bag: Shelf carton by 1


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Class IIa Medical Device
Manufactured by: Waters Medical Systems / Distributed by: Institut Georges Lopez in Europe
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