Our mission is to support transplant teams in lifesaving transplantation.
We provide advanced solutions and systems to expand the pool of transplantable organs and improve transplant outcomes.

Static Preservation

Our static preservation systems, comprised of specially formulated solutions and insulated shippers, provide safe and consistent method for cold ischemic storage and transport of donor organs. Our systems are adequate for all type of abdominal and thoracic organs.

Machine Perfusion

Our perfusion machines provide safe and secured environment where a physiologic solution is pumped through the explanted organ to minimize tissue damage. Perfusion parameters are controlled and recorded, offering clinicians’ additional data to evaluate the organ.

We strive to be the worldwide reference provider of organs preservation technologies. Decades of experience have forged the reputation of our products.

Our work is inspired by our commitment to consistently delivering safe and innovative products to secure the transplantation success and ultimately the patient quality of life improvement.