April 2020, Lissieu, France


Covid-19: Institut Georges Lopez maintains its activity and mobilizes its resources in the Fight against COVID-19

  • Measures to provide  protection for our employees and ensure business continuity
  • Solidarity actions to support health workforce in their missions with the most vulnerable population 

Covid-19 measures

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, the Institut Georges Lopez  teams are mobilized to ensure the continuity of our activities.

Safety measures have been implemented to protect health and well-being of our employees and our subcontractors. These are permanently adjusted according to the extent of the pandemic and WHO recommendations.

All IGL employees are fully mobilized to ensure the continuity of the continuity of IGL1 , Celsior, Bel-Gen and Perf-Gen solutions manufacturing at a normal pace. Stocks of all our products are sufficient and we don’t plane any interruption for the moment (neither from a human point of view nor from a material point of view), at least as long as the transportation regulations remain unchanged.

Solidarity actions

Cair LGL and Institut Georges Lopez are also mobilizing to support health workforce in their missions with the most vulnerable population.

Our group donated white coats and mob-caps to the nursing home of Saint Laurent de Chamousset (69) to help them in their daily work  with dependent elderly persons, as well as sterile masks intended for liberal nurses in the Town.

The company also supports the Hospices Civils de Lyon, by distributing masks and gloves, for various establishments.

Do not hesitate to contact IGL for any question or concern: welcome@groupe-igl.com