RM4_Hypothermic machine perfusion of either one or two kidneys

Hypothermic machine perfusion of either one or two donor kidneys

Hypothermic, Oxygenated, Machine, Perfusion, Kidney

RM4 Kidney Perfusion System is FDA cleared in US and in the process of securing the European market authorisation.

RM4 is a renal perfusion system, designed to support monitoring of either one or two kidneys. RM4 system provides controlled kidney perfusion of hypothermic solution, monitor, display, trend, export and save perfusion parameters, including perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance, as well as the organ identifiers.

  • Physiologic

RM4 produces physiological pulsatile arterial pressure waveforms and actively oxygenate the perfusate.

  • Economic

The dual perfusion is an obvious cost saving and convenient procedure for centers with high volume of transplant.

  • Convenient

RM4 is equipped with a large touchscreen interface to walk the user, minimizing significantly setup and training time.

RM4 System 

Includes 24/7 hotline technical support, warranty and maintenance services (details by country, see contact)

Product Components & Accessories
RM4 single use disposable cassette

Disposable Cassettes

Packaged by 6

Single-use, disposable, biocompatible, sterile RM4 cassette.

Cassette for one or two Kidney.

Disposable Clamp

Packaged by 6
Reference: PC715 (for 7x15mm), PC1020 (for 10x20mm), PC1025 (for 10x25mm).

Single-use, disposable, biocompatible, sterile clamp
Clamp with two rotative jaws and adjustable screw for Kidney cannulation with aortic patch.
Made of Polycarbonate Makrolon 2458, Latex free.

Disposable Cannula

Packaged by 1
Reference: 3 mm 3910141.003; 4 mm 3910141.004; 5 mm 3910141.005; 6 mm 3910141.006; 7 mm 3910141.007; 8 mm 3910141.008; 9 mm 3910141.009; 10 mm 3910141.010.

Single-use, disposable, biocompatible, sterile straight cannula.
Straight cannula for Kidney cannulation without aortic patch.
Made of Teflon, Latex free

WatersmedicalSystems_IGL_RM4_Disposable Cannula for multiple arteries

Disposable Triple Artery Cannula

Packaged by 1
Reference: W3920140.023

Single-use, disposable, biocompatible, sterile Trident cannula.
Cannula for Kidney cannulation with multi-arteries.
Made of Plastisol (PVC-Latex free)

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