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Cold storage solution for kidney, liver and pancreas organs having the same composition as originally formulated by F.O. Belzer, MD and James Southard, PhD, at the University of Wisconsin

Kidney, Liver, Pancreas

WATERS IGL® Cold Storage Solution is a clear to light yellow, sterile, non-pyrogenic solution for hypothermic flushing and storage of organs. The solution has an approximate calculated osmolarity of 320 mOsm, a sodium concentration of 29 mEq/L, a potassium concentration of 125 mEq/L, and a pH of approximately 7.4 at 20°C.

Composition of WATERS IGL® Cold Storage Solution is:

  • Pentafraction: 50 g/L
  • Lactobionic Acid (as Lactone): 35.83 g/L
  • Potassium Phosphate monobasic: 3.4 g/L
  • Magnesium Sulfate heptahydrate: 1.23 g/L
  • Raffinose pentahydrate: 17.83 g/L
  • Adenosine: 1.34 g/L
  • Allopurinol: 0.136 g/L
  • Total Glutathione: 0.922 g/L
  • Potassium Hydroxide: 5.61 g/L
  • Sodium Hydroxide/Hydrochloric Acid: Adjust to pH 7.4
  •  Water for Injection: q.s.
  • Flushing & Storage
  • Labeled with 2-year shelf life, to be stored between 2° – 25°C (35.6° – 77°F)
  • Ready to use, no filtration
  • Manufacturing according to GMP, ISO 13485
  • Box of 10 x 1000 ml bag
  • Box of 5 x 2000 ml bag
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