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Machine perfusion solution having the same composition as originally formulated by F.O. Belzer, MD and James Southard, PhD, at the University of Wisconsin

Hypothermic, Machine, Perfusion, Perfusate

WATERS IGL® Pulsatile Perfusion Solution is a clear to straw-colored solution for the in-vitro flushing and temporary continuous perfusion preservation of explanted kidneys. This solution is consistent with an extracellular solution, based on its sodium/potassium ratio. This solution has a calculated potassium concentration of 25 mEq/L, a sodium concentration of 100 mEq/L, an osmolarity of 300 mOsM, and a pH of 7.4 ±1.0 at room temperature.

WATERS IGL® Pulsatile Perfusion Solution has the following composition :

  • Adenine (free base) 0.68 g
  • Calcium Chloride (dihydrate) 0.068 g
  • Dextrose (+) 1.80 g
  • Glutathione (reduced) 0.92 g
  • HEPES (free acid) 2.38 g
  • Hydroxyethyl Starch 50.0 g
  • Magnesium Gluconate (anhydrous) 1.13 g
  • Mannitol 5.4 g
  • Potassium Phosphate (monobasic) 3.4 g
  • Ribose, D(-) 0.75 g
  • Sodium Gluconate 17.45 g
  • Sodium Hydroxide 0.70 g
  • Sterile Water for Injection To 1000 mL Volume
  • Ready to use, no filtration
  • Manufacturing according to GMP, ISO 13485
  • Box of 6*1000 ml bag
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